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Dolce Villa Styled Wedding Shoot

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I am away too excited to start blogging you guys! You have nooo idea, I am literally smiling as I type because I never thought I would be blogging on my website ever but here I am and I'm so excited to do so! I wasn't sure what I wanted to blog about first so I just picked something that stood out to me in my mind and that was this fun amazing styled wedding shoot at this gorgeous new venue in Redlands, Ca that is giving us all of the Italian Donetella Versace Romance vibes!

How it all began.

Ok.. so where do I start? So this was actually my second styled shoot, the first one was very small and intimate but I was amazed at how much attention and recognition it got so it made me want to do another. I first reached out to Karla the owner of this gorgeous venue through instagram and I pitched her the vision I had for a styled shoot and she was so on board from the very beginning. I can not tell you how sweet and welcoming Karla was when it came to letting us come into her actual home and plan a styled shoot. She really let us go all out and pretty much takeover her property to make it look the best we could make it look. I was able to bring together an incredible group of people/artist to help me organize this shoot. I reached out to my favorite event florist "Arelie Event Design" to help with creating the floral arrangements for this shoot and she brought it y'all! Like her and her team went all out and created the most beautiful arrangements for this styled shoot. With the help of my sister and some friends I had models and makeup artist in no time and that really made it so much easier when it came to putting this together. The hardest part about doing a styled shoot is reaching out to wedding vendors and hoping they will like your vision and come on board to help you execute it. Now I do have to say that this styled shoot was a little bit on the medium size scale, and I'm just not sure if I would ever go about planning another one this size because there is so much that goes into putting together something like this.

I am so appreciative of everyone that helped make this possible even though it was hot as heck on this day it all came together beautifully both in person and on camera! I absolute love the way the photos came out and can't wait to see what the other photographers captured from this amazing evening!

Future Styled Shoots

Will I be putting more styled shoots together in the future? Most likely yes ...but more on the smaller scale! My true passion is elopement photography so I hope I can put together an amazing Elopement Styled event somewhere magical like Joshua Tree, or Yosemite or in Sedona, Arizona. The thing about me is that once I start feeling bored my mind automatically goes into "creative mode" and it just wants to bring ideas to life so maybe we will see another content styled shoot sooner than later!

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